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Ep. 002: Gushing with Fanboy Juice

Teacher Librarians Chris Patrick and Tracy Chrenka present “Loud in the Library Ep. 002: Gushing with Fanboy Juice”, in which they speak with YA author Andrew Smith about the upcoming film adaptation of his novel Grasshopper Jungle, censorship, and the writing process. They also discuss summer reading and provide sources to find your perfect summer read. And, as an added bonus, they tossĀ in a couple of vintage dad jokes.

Ep. 001: Norman Rockwell, Leonard da Vinci, and the Breck Girl

Teacher Librarians Tracy Chrenka and Chris Patrick welcome author/illustrator Floyd Cooper to their podcast “Loud in the Library.” Mr. Cooper talks about his craft and his upcoming visit to Grand Rapids. Tracy and Chris also discuss books they’ve read, books they’re currently reading, and books they intend to read. And finally, they celebrate National Poetry Month by reading a couple of their favorite poems.